How to dispute a credit card charge?

Credit Card

A credit card is a bit of plastic that enables you to get cash from a bank to make buys on an everyday premise. It is a card that holds in cash for you. It is a type of trade out hand. It typically has residency of 25-30 days where the acquired cash must be paid back with no premium, this period is designated “grace period”. Be that as it may if the cash is paid after the effortlessness time frame, a certain needs to pay additional.


The term dispute means to not agree to something which can be an agreement. Talking about dispute in terms of credit card charge is denying of the charge that is filed.

Credit Card Charge

A credit card charge is a bit different from the credit card itself. When a credit card is charged you cannot extend the credit of the card. The card holder is expected to pay the amount of balance in full every month. This does not have pre-set limit defined but rather your purchases if you make any are based on your previous history of the card, the financial resources and the credit balance’s record. But having said that, the credit card charge does come with a few options, one of the options is to revolve portion of the debt.

If you are accused of a credit card charge and you know it is something that shouldn’t be there you do not have to panic you just needs to follow a few steps that will help you disputing the credit card charge that is filed against you. This is at times charged as a result of fraud and you happen to be the victim of the fraud. However, not all the charges are due to fraud they might be there due to negligence which a person (the card holder) is responsible for. Now let’s see which one is you. It’s not bad to panic in such a situation but I would prefer you to see how the things work when they are in order.

Ways to dispute a credit card charge

Following are some steps that would help you in disputing a credit card charge.

  1. The first step is to check if the charge is correct or not. You must be completely sure about it. There should not be any false claims. Double check if you think and you know the charge is wrong.
  2. During the double checking process keep in mind you need see that; you did not authorize the transaction, you are sure that you were overcharged, you are sure that you were charged more than once and whatever you bought did not come as advertised or it did not come at all.
    Plus, do not dispute the charge if you have buyer’s remorse or you are unhappy with the purchase.
  3. Determine if it’s the fraud.
  4. Contact the merchant.
  5. Inform the credit card company.
  6. And do not stop paying your bills during the procedure.

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